Professional diagnostic tools 7710


Features for Ford vehicles

1.Automatic vehicle identification ID All vehicles of Ford,Lincoln and Mercury from 1996 to 2017 ; It could test all electronic control systems,like ABS, SRS, Transmission, Air conditioner Etc, F150, Transit, VAN all could be supported.

3.Automatic scanning, faulty system are highlighted in red fonts.

4.The list of supported data streams will be detected first, and the user can select all data streams to read or some of the major data streams to read according to his own needs. According to the value of the data stream and the law of change to determine the cause of the failure.

7710 is a handy professional scanner for ford vehicles , fastly detects enginge,ABS,airbags,auto transmission,instrument and other control systems..

Ford basic function

  • Read fault codes
  • Clear fault codes
  • Retrieve data stream

Ford Special functions

  • Reset the oil change indicator
  • EPB Brake pad reset
  • SAS Steering angle sensor calibration
  • Reset TCM KAM
  • BMS Reset
  • ABS Exhaust

Ford Special and important functions

  • Injector Quantity Adjustment
  • Clear Collision Data Memory
  • Clear_EGR_Adaptive_Tables
  • DPF_Reset
  • DPF_Regeneration
  • Reset_the_Intake_Air_Throttle_Valve_Learned_Values
  • Reset_the_Heated_Exhaust_Gas_Oxygen_Sensor_Learned_Values


Display: Backlit, Colorful, 320x240 pixel
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
Storage Temperature: 0 °C to 80°C (32 to 176 F°)
External Power: 8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery
Length Width Height
170mm 96.5 mm 29 mm